During the spring and fall seasons in Wisconsin homeowners often find their homes under attack from insects known as Asian Lady Beetles. Asian beetles are a nuisance for homeowners particularly during fall when they look to invade your home by living inside the walls, soffits, siding, and even attics. They congregate on the warmest parts of your home probing for entry points that will sustain them throughout the upcoming winter season.

Asian Beetles are a nuisance pest for homeowners due to their ability to bite when threatened. Asian Beetles also can emit an odor and that can stain surfaces with their yellowish secretions when disturbed.  These secretions often can cause staining to your drapes, clothes, etc.

Advanced Wildlife Control Inc. has developed a spray program that is effective against Asian Beetle infestations.  Our spray program stops the insects before they enter your homes. Our technicians are trained and certified to eliminate your Asian Beetle infestations!


Asian lady beetles are attracted to light colors such as whites, grays, and even yellows. Generally speaking light-colored houses, especially those in forested areas, are perfect homes for Asian beetles.

• This insect is native to northeastern Asia.
• It is possible to have an allergic reaction to the multi-colored Asian lady beetle!